Dishes & Glassware

Although it can be tempting to pack dishes quickly because they stack so easily, a little extra planning and care can ensure that your fine glasses and dishes will be undamaged during your move. This is especially important if you will be moving your items into and out of a storage property which will require extra trips in the back of a bumpy truck.

Packing Material – The supplies you will need to get the job done.


The following materials can be used to line boxes for extra padding and as dividers to keep delicate plates and glasses separated:
• packing paper or newsprint
• bubble wrap/packing peanuts
• Dish or Crystal packs
• linens, towels or fabric
• styrofoam plates


• Use extra thick boxes to absorb shock or line them with some of the padding prior to packing.
• Do not use large boxes or pack them too heavy.
• Dish and Crystal packs are available pre-assembled for your convenience.


Having several scrap pieces of cardboard can come in handy when packing dishes by:
• Separating different layers and types of dishes
• Filling gaps created by oddly shaped items
• Providing extra protection when used as a box lining.


There are other supplies you want to keep on hand that may come in handy:
• ‘Fragile’ tape
• Permanent marker
• Scissors/box cutter
• Paper tape is extra durable and great for dish boxes
• Dish or Crystal packs

Wrapping, Packing and Storing Tips – How to have a damage free move!

Prepare Boxes

• Reinforce corners and edges with a high quality tape.  Paper tape is an excellent choice.

• Line the sides of the box with some of the padding options above such as bubble wrap or wrapping paper.

• Crumple a few pieces of paper or newsprint to line the bottom or add an extra layer of scrap cardboard.

• Take a moment to go through your items.  This is a great time to clean things out and help save space!

Prepare Breakables

• Wrap each dish or glass individually. Only wrap multiple items together if they have been wrapped individually first. This helps prevent chipping.

• Line the interior of cups and glasses with padding. Smaller items can be nestled inside larger, sturdier pieces and then wrapped as one.

• Styrofoam plates are inexpensive to purchase and can easily be slipped between both dinner and dessert plates for convenience.

Pack Boxes

• Pack plates on their sides rather than flat to minimize impact. Likewise, bowls and glasses should be packed with their rims down.

• Do not leave any empty spaces. Fill with paper or linens to keep glassware from shifting during move.

• Place larger heavier items at the bottom of the box and use cardboard to create a solid division between layers.

• Leave space at the top for extra padding.

Moving & Storing

• Seal box carefully and reinforce corners using strong durable tape.

• Clearly mark all boxes as FRAGILE. You can purchase pre-printed “Fragile” tape.

• Never place a dishware box on an unsteady surface. Avoid putting boxes on the bottom or stacked too high.

• Put any fragile items that you are not likely to access at the back of the storage space to eliminate having to move them repeatedly.