tote boxes

  • Use plastic storage bins; this not only helps you see the contents of each box but they will last much longer than cardboard while keeping your contents clean and safe.
  • Place fragile objects at the top of the box and wrap carefully. Clearly mark ‘FRAGILE’ and do not stack heavy boxes on them.
  • Inventory your boxes with a list on the outside. Plastic containers help with this!
  • Always make sure your boxes, bags and other storage containers are properly sealed to minimize or eliminate the amount of dust that will collect over the next year.

Most holiday decorations can be easily stored in a 5’x5’ or 5’x10’ size or combined with other seasonal items such as patio furniture and stored in a 10’x10’. Here are some great suggestions that will make your holiday decorations last from year to year.


ornament storage

  • Use egg cartons to store tiny ornaments and re-use tissue paper for fragile ornaments.
  • Purchase a Crystal Protection Kit which includes a divided box and padding for delicate items. This works great for keeping your ornaments together and organized! We have these for sale along with Dish Packs for your holiday dishes.
  • Food based decorations must be stored in plastic ziplock bags and placed in an airtight container to protect them from the elements and also to keep rodents out.
  • Keep a small box (or try re-using a shoe box) near your ornaments to store hangers. Fill it with any supplies you use each year when hanging your decorations.


wreath storage

  • Garlands seem bulky but they can be squished into a big box or garbage bag and fluffed out again when you re-hang them.
  • Use garlands as a stuffing around twinkle lights to help protect them.
  • Purchasing wreath boxes is a great idea to help keep them safe and because they are often difficult to pack in a normal box. Alternately, placing wreaths in a plastic garbage bag and hanging them on the wall with adhesive hooks is effective and inexpensive.
  • Place delicate items or a bundle of lights in the center of wreaths to protect them.


twinkle light storage

  • Use empty wrapping paper tubes to wind up the lights as you take them down. Tape the ends. Store in a large plastic bag. You can even place small ornaments inside the tube!
  • Cut cardboard boxes down (if you can, measure them to fit inside of a specific box to use over and over again) and wrap the twinkle lights around them. Cut slits at the corners to secure the end pieces.
  • Install a tension rod across the shortest length of your storage area. Wrap twinkle lights around hangers to keep them from tangling and also for a quick unravel when it’s time to hang them again! You can also use the rod to hang any wreaths or linens you may need to store.
  • For shorter strands or battery operated lights, wind them in a circle and place in a plastic bag.


small decorations

  • Fold special holiday linens over hangers and place in garment bags (or make your own with trash bags). Place adhesive hooks on the walls and keep linens virtually wrinkle free!
  • Keep all your holiday cards from each year by punching holes in them and looping them together with a ring or ribbon. Enjoy looking at them each year!
  • If you have special candles or candle holders for the holidays, don’t let them get scratched or banged up each year. Instead, place them inside of old socks! You can often get holiday socks on clearance for cheap!